Photo by Erika Astrid

Photo by Erika Astrid


I am a writer, proposal manager and breathwork facilitator based in Los Angeles.

Before I was a writer, I worked in a museum gluing dried plants to large sheets of beautiful thick paper. I worked in a zoo teaching kids about primates and answering questions like whether the cheetahs were married or when the animatronic dinosaurs were fed. I also sold gorgeous plants. I worked in a fancy bookstore where people were surprised that I had read many of the books.

I worked for an art publisher who sent me to China. I worked for a staffing company that sent me everywhere. I work for a travel company now, and while I do travel to amazing places, I do my best work at home.

Along the way I get lost. But I always find me again.

If you’re wondering what your life has to do with your work.

Or what you job has to do with how you live.

If you’re staring into your own personal tire fire of anxiety and wondering how to put it out.

Take a breath. Release. And write to me.