The exercise.

Welcome to my work. I’m putting it here for you too, in case you are as curious as I was about how to get to, and how to hold a conversation with the energy we all come from—the energy we all are. I’ve been calling it Source, but maybe you call it something else. Maybe I may change my mind and call it something else, too. The point is, it’s there and I found it, and this is how I found it—and how I find my way back.

The set up

Ideally, you've got 10 minutes somewhere quiet. You’ve got a notebook, or the notes app on your phone, or maybe the back of the napkin you just used with your lunch.

I've found that with practice, I can do this quickly and just about anywhere I feel comfortable being the weird tall lady standing there with my eyes on the horizon. Try the back of your car if you’re at work. Try your locked bathroom if you live with people (big and small).

The exercise 

1) Ask a question. Something you've been gnawing on forever, or something that needs addressing RIGHT NOW, or something you'd ask a tarot deck before pulling a card.

2) Get comfy—either sitting, or lying down, or standing in something like mountain pose if you need more energy in the middle of the afternoon.

3) Settle in. Close your eyes if you’re somewhere you can do that and relax. Relax everything. Breathe in deeply through your nostrils and ask the question. Send it straight to your heart. Breathe out completely and let the question sit in your heart. Breathe in deeply, and then release, letting the question out into the world, the source which surrounds and supports you.

4) Breathe—in for 4 counts and release for 6. Breathing out longer than you breathe in slows your heart rate down and if you're stressed, that's a good thing. Do this for 4-5 minutes, or as long as you have set aside.

5) Come back. Move your fingers or your toes. Swish your tongue around your mouth or clench your butt--whatever works for you to get you back into your body gently.

6) Close the loop. Now it’s time to document:

  • Did you settle in, or did you mind have other ideas? What distracted you, if it did?

  • What made you feel grounded? This can simply be what supported you. The floor, a chair, the back seat of your ride share? But it can also identify the presence of energy--was anyone or thing there with you? Was there a small reassuring voice?

  • Do you feel like you have an answer/know what you need to do? (It's totally OK if not! the source is not known for being easy to contact or particularly articulate when you do reach it.)

  • If you were confused by the answer, why? What would clarify it? 

As you develop your practice, find 2-3 simple things you always want to document. Maybe time of day, where you were, and what you felt like before and after. It's nice to look back and see progress, but it's also nice to just see the entries pile up like a little science project.

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Curious about what I’m doing with all this—or what I’m doing it for?

When I figured out I couldn’t fix all the things, I got passionate about figuring out how to keep myself from wanting to.

So I did what I always did and I returned to writing. I found breathwork. I found what I’ve been calling source. My path is a mish mash of modalities and deep rabbit holes I’ve been trying to unpack. I’m still curious and still figuring out.

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